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Language peer sets for UNCOL:
United States
United States/1958
Designed 1958
1950s languages
Second generation
Early Cold War
Genus Intermediate languages and VMs
Intermediate languages and VMs
Fixed operation
Intermediate languages and VMs/1958
Fixed operation/1958
Intermediate languages and VMs/United States
Fixed operation/United States
Operation-oriented/United States


Proposed universal intermediate language 

alternate simple view
Country: United States
Designed 1958
Published: 1958
Genus: Intermediate languages and VMs
Sammet category: Multi-purpose

UNiversal Computer Oriented Language.

A universal intermediate language, much discussed but never implemented.

Most of the justifications for JAVA, with the nice comment:
"This concept is not particularly new or original. It has been discussed by many independent persons as long ago as 1954. It might not be difficult to prove that this was well-known to Babbage, so no effort has been made to give credit to the originator, if indeed there was a unique originator"

Interestingly the Orchard-Hays paper suggests that it is the wrong way to go, for reasons that are similarily contemperaneous

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