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The scope of MHEG (Multimedia & Hypermedia Expert Group) is to specify semantics and final-form interchange syntax for all multimedia objects.

MHEG-1, ISO/IEC 13522-1 international standard, specifies the coded representation of multimedia/hypermedia information objects (MHEG objects) for interchange as final form units within or across services and applications, by any means of interchange including local area networks, wide area telecommunication or broadcast networks, storage media, etc.

MHEG-5 (ISO/IEC 13522-5) is the fifth part of MHEG . This part defines the MHEG object classes for interchange and use in base-level applications intended to be run on limited resource terminals such as set-top-boxes in such contexts as interactive broadband services.

(Text from http://www.ccett.fr/mheg/overview.htm)

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