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Language peer sets for Pascal-FC:
United Kingdom
United Kingdom/1990
Designed 1990
1990s languages
Fifth generation
Post-Cold War
Genus Pascals
Wirth Algols
Generation of Algol 60
Wirth Algols/1990
Generation of Algol 60/1990
Pascals/United Kingdom
Wirth Algols/United Kingdom
Generation of Algol 60/United Kingdom


alternate simple view
Country: United Kingdom
Designed 1990
Published: 1990
Genus: Pascals
Sammet category: Multi-purpose

Teaching language, for introduction to concurrent programming.

Derived from Pascal-S, provides several types of concurrency: semaphores, monitors, both occam/CSP-style and Ada-style rendezvous.

Related languages
Pascal-S Pascal-FC   Derivation of

  • Burns, A. and G. Davies (1988) Burns, A. and G. Davies "Pascal-FC: a language for teaching concurrent programming."
          in [SIGPLAN] (1988) SIGPLAN Notices 23(01) January 1988
  • Davies, G. L. (1989) Davies, G. L. "Developments in Pascal-FC." Abstract Extract: Introduction
          in [SIGPLAN] (1989) SIGPLAN Notices 24(06) June 1989
  • Davies, G.L. et al, (1990) Davies, G.L. et al, "The Teaching Language Pascal-FC" pp147-154
          in (1990) The Computer Journal 33(2) April 1990 Special issue on procedural programming
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