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Language peer sets for PCLOS:
United States
United States/1993
Designed 1993
1990s languages
Fifth generation
Post-Cold War
String and List Processing
String and List Processing/1993
String and List Processing/us


Persistent CLOS 

alternate simple view
Country: United States
Designed 1993
Sammet category: String and List Processing

for Persistent CLOS

Related languages
CLOS PCLOS   Extension of
PS-ALGOL PCLOS   Incorporated some features of

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  • Paepcke, A. (1988) Paepcke, A. "PCLOS: a flexible implementation of CLOS persistence"
          in ECOOP '88, S. (1988) ECOOP '88, S. Gjessing et al eds, LNCS 322, Springer 1988
  • Paepcke, A. (1989) Paepcke, A. "PCLOS: a critical review" pp221-253 Abstract DOI Extract: Introduction Extract: Outline of PCLOS Extract: Language Integration
          in [SIGPLAN] (1989) SIGPLAN Notices 24(10) October 1989 incorporating the Proceedings of the Conference on Object Oriented Programming Systems Languages and Applications, New Orleans (OOPSLA 89)
  • Paepcke, Andreas (1990) Paepcke, Andreas "PCLOS: stress testing CLOS experiencing the metaobject protocol" pp194-211
          in [OOPSLA/ECOOP 1990] (1990) [SIGPLAN] SIGPLAN Notices 25(10) October 1990 (OOPSLA/ECOOP '90)
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