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Tool Command Language 

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Country: United States
Designed 1990
Published: 1990
Sammet category: Specialised Languages

for Tool Command Language.  (pronounced "tickle")

John Ousterhout, UCB, then Sun, then Scriptics. A string language for issuing commands to interactive programs. Each application can extend tcl with its own set of commands.  

"I got the idea for Tcl while on sabbatical leave at DEC's Western Research Laboratory in the fall of 1987. I started actually implementing it when I got back to Berkeley in the spring of 1988; by summer of that year it was in use in some internal applications of ours, but there was no Tk. The first external releases of Tcl were in 1989, I believe. I started implementing Tk in 1989, and the first release of Tk was in 1991."

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          in (1990) Proc 1990 Winter USENIX Conference
  • Phil Hughes (1999) Phil Hughes "Guido van Rossum" Linux Journal Volume , Issue 68es (December 1999) Extract: Anecdote
          in (1990) Proc 1990 Winter USENIX Conference
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