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United States
United States/1962
Designed 1962
1960s languages
Second generation
Early Cold War
Genus Markovs
Markovs/United States
File-reflexive/United States
Content-reflexive/United States


Symbolic Communication Language 

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Country: United States
Designed 1962
Published: 1962
Genus: Markovs
Sammet category: On-Line

for Symbolic Communication Language.

Chester Lee et al, Bell Telephone Labs, 1962

Designed primarily for the manipulation of symbolic formulas. Featured pattern matching (which was partly the inspiration for SNOBOL), string operations in buffers, and automatic storage management. SNOBOL was originally (unofficially) called SEXI and SCL7.

"The Symbolic Communication Language (SCL) is a language designed primarily for the processing of symbolic expressions. The basic unit which SCL deals with most conveniently is a line. A line may be an equation, an algebraic expression, a sentence, a set of pairs, etc. In mathematics, one often begins with a line, say an equation, and derives from it many other lines. Some of these derived lines are more important than others and are usually assigned a number. The general format in SCL is very much the same. The commands in SCL permit one to modify a line; the resulting line then appears next to the original line. If the new line is one which should be marked, a name can be assigned to that line. In this way it becomes particularly conve- nient to deal with mathematical expressions in SCL."

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  • Lee C.Y. et al, (1962) Lee C.Y. et al, "A Language for Symbolic Communication", Tech Mem 62-3344-4, Bell Labs, Sept 1962.
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