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Designed 1999
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Language for Extensible Multi-user Systems   

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Designed 1999
Published: 1999

The language ALSO is designed to support safely extensible multi-user servers. It was originally designed for writing MUD servers (programmable multi-user virtual worlds), but it is also applicable to other servers. For example, it provides much of the key functionality of languages like Safe-Tcl and JavaScript. ALSO supports even more flexible MUD systems than MOO [1], and can be used to implement other kinds of servers too (e.g., HTTP, SMTP). ALSO contains several uncommon or unique features that make it easier to safely extend a running system.

ALSO is designed to be familiar in those areas where being
different yields no benefit. For example, its syntax is
similar to that of C++ and Java, though there are some
compatible extensions (e.g., semicolons are optional and it
supports gcc-like block expressions). ALSO has first-class
lambda expressions and lexical scoping, but functions can be
conveniently declared in a C-like syntax. The language is
not statically typed. Functions may return multiple results,
and may return either normally or with an exception. The
following example is the Fibonacci function:
different names for the same objects, or the same names for
different objects. An extreme example is users who speak
different languages, but the ALSO model provides support for
even this case.

  • Myers, Andrew C. () Myers, Andrew C. "ALSO: A Language for Extensible Multi-user Systems" MIT
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