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Designed 1993
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Object-oriented parallel logic programming language 

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Country: Australia
Designed 1993
Sammet category: Experimental and other

Object-oriented parallel logic programming language

Combines sequential and parallel logic programming, OO, and meta-levels. Both "don't know" non-determinism and stream parallelism. PROLOG theories are first-order entities and may be updated or passed as messages. Implemented by translation to NU-PROLOG and PNU-PROLOG.

from CMU AI page:
"The BeBOP language combines the features of sequential and parallel Logic Programming (LP), object oriented programming and meta-level programming. The goal of the system is to support the construction of multi-agent systems.

The LP component offers both don't know non-determinism and stream AND-parallelism, a combination not possible with concurrent LP languages. BeBOP's object oriented features include object IDs,
encapsulation, message passing, state updating, and object behavior modification. The meta-level capabilities are based on the treatment of Prolog theories as first order entities, which enables them to be updated easily, and for fragments to be passed between objects in

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  • (1993) David: Readme for BeBop Abstract
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