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OOPL aimed at first year students and beginners. The system addresses the problem of dealing with the complexity of the concepts associated with OOL's. Blue is a programming environment and language.  It is very clean, small, and simple OOL.  Blue provides error-checking and reporting that is better than that provided by other systems. It's environment  allows the interactive manipulation of classes and their relationship to each other graphically or textually. Objects of any class in the project can be created interactively. In addition, users can interactively call any method of any object. The class design of the current project is visible on the screen. It encourages student's to consciously think about design, urging students to introduce classes and their relationships before small-scale code is written.  The environment includes an integrated edition, a compiler, debugger, class browser, and an online help system.  BLUE is designed so that the concepts are directly transferable to other OOL, such as C++, JAVA, EIFFEL, SMALLTALK.  BLUE cannot be a goal in itself. It is not, and never should be, used in real-world industrial projects.  http://www.cs.ut.ee/~igorko/pl_blue.html

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