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Language peer sets for Gargoyle:
Designed 1964
1960s languages
Third generation
Early Cold War
Genus W European algorithmic systems
W European algorithmic systems
Historic algorithmic languages
W European algorithmic systems/1964
Historic algorithmic languages/1964
W European algorithmic systems/Norway
Historic algorithmic languages/Norway


alternate simple view
Country: Norway
Designed 1964
Published: 1964
Genus: W European algorithmic systems

the name has no particular significance except that it was "intended to be humorous"

Algol derived language for compiler writing. Machine specific for rapid execution. Work borne of a dissatisfaction with other systems.

  • Garwick, Jan V. (1964) Garwick, Jan V. "GARGOYLE: a language for compiler writing" Extract: Descrption of program
          in [ACM] (1964) [ACM] CACM 7(01) (Jan 1964).
  • Leavenworth, B. (1964) Leavenworth, B. review of Garwick 1964 Abstract
          in (1964) ACM Computing Reviews 5(05) September-October 1964
  • Feldman, Jerome and Gries, David (1968) Feldman, Jerome and Gries, David "Translator writing systems" p77-113 Abstract Extract: Gargoyle, TWS, AMOS
          in [ACM] (1968) [ACM] CACM 11(02) (February 1968)
  • Sammet (1972) Sammet, Jean E., "Roster of Programming Languages 1972" 109
          in (1972) Computers & Automation 21(6B), 30 Aug 1972
  • Stock and Stock (1973) Stock, Marylene and Stock, Karl F. "Bibliography of Programming Languages: Books, User Manuals and Articles from PLANKALKUL to PL/I" Verlag Dokumentation, Pullach/Munchen 1973 253 Abstract
          in (1972) Computers & Automation 21(6B), 30 Aug 1972
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