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Language peer sets for ECoLisp:
Designed 1989
1980s languages
Fifth generation
Late Cold War
Genus Lazy Evaluation LISPs
String and List Processing
Lazy Evaluation LISPs
Lambda caculus
Lazy Evaluation LISPs/1989
Lambda caculus/1989
Lazy Evaluation LISPs/Italy
Lambda caculus/Italy
String and List Processing
String and List Processing/1989
String and List Processing/it


Italian Common Lisp C-embeddable implementation 

alternate simple view
Country: Italy
Designed 1989
Published: 1989
Genus: Lazy Evaluation LISPs
Sammet category: String and List Processing

also ECL and Eco Common Lisp

Italian Common Lisp C-embeddable implementation.

Giuseppe Attardi  Pisa 1990

from CMU gloss:
"ECoLisp (ECL, Eco Common Lisp) is a Common Lisp implementation which compiles Lisp functions into C functions that use the C stack and standard procedure call conventions. This lets Lisp and C code be easily mixed. It is designed to be used as a C library from any C application. ECL also includes MTCL, a multithread facility, and CLOS."

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Common LISP ECoLisp   Implementation

  • (1989) Attardi, Giussepe: Readme for ECL Extract: Intro
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