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Designed 1982
1980s languages
Fourth generation
Late Cold War


alternate simple view
Country: Poland
Designed 1982
Published: 1983

Inst Informatics, Warsaw U. Object-oriented, featuring

  • Multi-level inheritance
    the language offers both nesting and inheritance of modules nesting enables sharing of environments and inheritance enables private copies of environments. Both methods of module's construction are useful and important!
  • Multi-kind inheritance
    a procedure can inherit from a class, making use of it one can enforce protocols, dynamically check axioms of abstract data types etc.
    Loglan'82 signals a lot of programming errors that pass unrecognized in other systems. Safe deallocation statement and safe storage management system. There is no risk of
    dangling references, no confusion of types ...
  • Object-oriented concurrency
    objects of processes can be created dynamically and allocated on a processor  accessible by the network. The processes can communicate and synchronize through a new, powerful mechanism ALIEN CALL

Possibly three versions (L-77, L-82 and L-88)

In 1977 A. Salwicki Tomasz Müldner, Hanna Oktaba, Wieslawa Ratajczak propose
"Universal programming language which was to go beyond the Simula'67 and to enable new features: processes, inheritance from unequal levels, inheritance in procedures, functions etc"

Antoni Kreczmar - kernel of the executing system for Loglan - the Running System (1979).
W.Nykowski - scanner and the parser.
Andrzej I. Litwiniuk - code generator using many novel ideas.
Danuta Szczepanska - static semantic module.
Marek Lao - module that checks the compatibility of types
Loglan compiler operational December 1981.

June 1982 Danuta Szczepanska A. Kreczmar exception handling mechanism .

1988 Bolek Ciesielski - procedure calls as the synchronisation mechanism

1984 Teresa Przytycka - interactive debugger

Related languages
SIMULA 67 LOGLAN   Evolution of
LOGLAN Loglan '88   Evolution of

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