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Language peer sets for MuSimp:
United States
United States/1978
Designed 1978
1970s languages
Fourth generation
High Cold War


alternate simple view
Country: United States
Designed 1978

for micro-Symbolic IMPlementation language

Albert D. Rich and David R. Stoutemyer; The Soft Warehouse, 1979

LISP variant used as the programming language for the PC symbolic math package MuMath.

Featured infix maths and an unlispish parser

Related languages
LISP 1.5 MuSimp   Simplification of
MuSimp muMath   Scripting language for

  • Mawata, C. P. (1988) Mawata, C. P. "Solving the heat equation symbolically with MuSimp" Journal of Symbolic Computation 5(3) June 1988 pp385-389 1988
  • Geddes et al (1992) Geddes, K.O. ; Czapor S.R. and G. Labahn, "Algorithms for Computer Algebra" Kluwer Academic Publishers, Boston, 1992 Extract: Extract from Chapter one
  • Rich, Albert (2004) Rich, Albert "A Brief History of the muMATH/DERIVETM CASs" 2000 Extract: History
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