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Designed 1990
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Graph based programming language 

alternate simple view
Country: Germany
Designed 1990
Published: 1991
Sammet category: Business Data Processing

for PROgrammed GRaph REwriting Systems

Andy Scheurr and Albert Zuendorf, RWTH, Aachen, 1991

Very high-level language based on graph grammars. Supports multiple inheritance and type of types, declarative specification of graphical attributes, visual specification of graph rewrite rules.

"PROGRES supports structurally object-oriented specification of attributed graph structures with multiple inheritance hierarchies and types of types (for parametric polymorphism). It also supports declarative/relational specification of derived attributes, node sets, binary relationships (directed edges) and Boolean constraints, rule-oriented/visual specification of parameterised graph rewrite rules with complex application conditions, nondeterministic and imperative programming of composite graph transformations (with built-in backtracking and cancelling arbitrary sequences of failing graph modifications)."

It is used for implementing abstract data types with graph-like internal structure, as a visual language for the graph-oriented database GRAS, and as a rule-oriented language for prototyping nondeterministically specified data/rule base transformations.

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  • Scheurr, A. (1991) Scheurr, A. "Introduction to PROGRES, an Attribute Graph Grammar Based Specification Language", in Proc WG89 Workshop on Graph-theoretic Concepts in Computer Science", LNCS 411, Springer 1991
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