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Language peer sets for NBS:
United States
United States/1969
Designed 1969
1960s languages
Third generation
High Cold War
Genus Street basics
Street basics
BASIC family
Street basics/1969
BASIC family/1969
Street basics/United States
BASIC family/United States
Conversational/United States


alternate simple view
Country: United States
Designed 1969
Genus: Street basics
Sammet category: On-Line

for New Basic System

Interactive BASIC dialect at Pittsburgh

from paper:

[NEWBASIC (NBS) is an ] algorithmic language employed [which] is a powerful extension of standard BASIC in four respects:

1. Extension as an algorithmic language: NBS allows such things as multiple data types (REAL, INTEGER, COMPLEX, DOUBLE REAL, etc.), suffix control (FOR, WHILE, UNTIL, ELSE, etc.), multiple statements (IF x > 5 PR. "LARGE" ELSE PR. "SMALL", CALL RESET GOSUB 120), picture formats, dynamic string allocation, and extensive file handling commands.

2. Extension as a CAI language: String functions that allow for the scan of user input are provided to allow greater freedom in responding to questions posed by drill or tutorial programs.

3. Extension as an interactive language:

(a) NBS has the interactive capability of interpretive languages such as Joss. Program execution can be halted, and variables examined, experimented with, or changed, using direct mode. Execution can be resumed at any point in the program with a direct "goto" command.

(b) The @NBS feature permits a second level of NBS access for students who are under control of a first level NBS CAI program.

(c) Executive commands (e.g. looking at directories or contents of files, or asking for the editor) can be issued during either the execute or create phases of NBS.

4. Extension to meet new needs: Users can write functions to suit their own particular needs, using assembly language, FORTRAN, or NEWBASIC. These can be added to the list of public library functions any time that general interest warrants. There are over 300 public library functions at the present time.

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BASIC NBS   Extension of
NBS CATALYST/NBS   Written using

  • Dwyer, T.A. (1970) Dwyer, T.A. Teacher/Student Authored CAI Using the NEWBASIC System University of Pittsburgh,* Pennsylvania Extract: Introduction pdf
  • Dwyer, T. A. (1972) Dwyer, T. A. "Teacher/student authored CAI using the NEWBASIC system" p21-28 Abstract
          in [ACM] (1972) [ACM] CACM 15(01) (Jan 1972)
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