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Designed 1993
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Concurrent constraint language 

alternate simple view
Country: Germany
Designed 1993
Sammet category: Specialised Languages

high-level language, combining constraint inference with concurrency. Dynamically typed and has first-class procedures, classes, objects, exceptions, and sequential threads synchronizing over a constraint store. Supports finite domain and feature constraints and has powerful primitives for programming constraint inference engines at a high level. Typical application areas of OZ include: optimization problems like scheduling, time tabling, placement and configuration, reasoning and knowledge representation, processing of natural language, simulation, multi-agent systems, and sophisticated GUIs.  

U Saarbrucken. Object-oriented concurrent constraint language. Based on constraint communication, a new form of asynchronous communication using logic variables. Partial information about the values of variables is imposed concurrently and incrementally. Supports higher order programming and object-orientation including multiple inheritance.

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