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Designed 1998
1990s languages
New internationlism


alternate simple view
Country: Belgium
Designed 1998
Published: 2000

a small language with semantics equivalent to Scheme, but a syntax closer to elementary calculus.

Pico can actually be viewed as an effort to render Scheme palatable and even enjoyable to people unable or unwilling to make the intellectual effort necessary to grasp its elegance and power. We do so by adapting Scheme's syntax (significantly) and semantics (subtly) in order to use what (little) understanding the novice science student has of (specification) languages.

The word Pico should be interpreted as synonymous with very small (according to Webster's). The idea was indeed to have a very small language with a very general impact.

Related languages
Scheme PICO   Subset
PICO Borg   Adaptation of

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