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Remote OS Conversational On-line Environment  

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Remote OS Conversational On-line Environment (ROSCOE).  Computer Associates

ROSCOE has such available facilities as: full screen editing and program development; a dataset name facility; a library facility; a job facility; a programming facility; and SKETCH, which can be used to design a BMS or FMS map.

consists of several entities:

The Active Work Space (AWS) is used for full screen editing and program development.

The Data Set Name (DSN) Facility provides the ability to work with MVS OS data sets.

A Library Facility (LIB) allows for storing ROSCOE members and the ability to print, rename or inquire about members of the ROSCOE library.

The ROSCOE Job Facility allows viewing output of MVS jobs, routing the output to system or remote printers and copying output into the AWS.

ROSCOE Programming Facility (RPF) is a powerful executive language that can be interactive through the use of panels or commands.

SKETCH is a menu-driven RPF application that simplifies the generation of panels used by programs running under CICS. A BMS or FMS map can be designed using just a few prompt panels.

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