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United States
United States/1966
Designed 1966
1960s languages
Third generation
High Cold War
Genus Multics PL/Is
Multics PL/Is
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Multics PL/Is/1966
PL/I Languages/1966
Multics PL/Is/United States
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Restricted EPL 

alternate simple view
Country: United States
Designed 1966
Published: 1966
Genus: Multics PL/Is

Restricted EPL. Bell Labs 1966 Bob Daly

A subset of EPL (the efficient part) used to write the core of Multics.

System Module Interfaces (PL/I Subset for System Programming) for Multics

"As we developed early versions of the system, we found that the PL/I language had many powerful features that could cause the EPL compiler to generate truly terrible code. Working with the compiler team, Bob Daley created a subset of the EPL subset of PL/I, to be used for programming the Multics supervisor and critical commands. The EPL compiler was modified to do an even better job in producing code for that language subset. This language, called "Restricted EPL" (REPL) was used for the initial version of the system. It is described in MSPM Section BB.2.01, EPL Subset for System Programming."

Related languages
EPL REPL   Subset
PL/I REPL   Subset

  • R. Montrose Graham (1966) R. Montrose Graham "System Module Interfaces (PL/I Subset for System Programming)" MULTICS SYSTEM-PROGRAMMERS' MANUAL Section BB.2 PUBLISHED: 6/24/66 Online at multicians
  • Freiburghouse (1998) Freiburghouse, R. A. "The Multics PL/1 Compiler" Abstract Extract: The language Extract: Design objectives Extract: SUMMARY History of Multics PL/1
          in [AFIPS] (1969) [AFIPS] Proceedings of the 1969 Fall Joint Computer Conference FJCC 35
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