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Language peer sets for PROMELA:
United States
United States/1996
Designed 1996
1990s languages
Fifth generation
Post-Cold War


alternate simple view
Country: United States
Designed 1996
Published: 1996

for PROcess MEta LAnguage

Holzmann, Bell Labs

A simple modelling language with processes, guards, channels and simple variables.
A level language to specify systems descriptions, it is part of the Spin system for the formal verification of distributed systems.

Promela has processes, channels & shared variables as its basic concepts

Language for building finite state machines.

Related languages
PROMELA PROMELA ++   Evolution of
PROMELA V-Promela   Evolution of

  • (1996) Semantics Model of PROMELA Online version at Bell Labs
  • (1996) Spin Version 3.0 -- Promela Grammar Definition ONline version at Bell Lbas
  • Rob Gerth (1997) Rob Gerth "Concise Promela Reference" , Eindhoven University Online version at Bell Labs
  • (1998) Dimitri Naydich and John Nowokowski, Flight Guidance System Validation using SPIN , NASA/CR-1998-208434, June 1998 Abstract ps
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