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Language peer sets for Ada 83:
United States
United States/1983
Designed 1983
1980s languages
Fourth generation
Late Cold War

Ada 83(ID:2503/ada005)

Renaming of Original Ada 

alternate simple view
Country: United States
Designed 1983
Published: 1983

Related languages
Ada Ada 83   Renaming
Ada 83 Ada'   Subset
Ada 83 Ada 9X   Evolution of
Ada 83 Ada/Ed   Subset
Ada 83 Ada++   Extension of
Ada 83 ADAM   Extension of
Ada 83 Adaplex   Extension of
Ada 83 AdLog   Extension of
Ada 83 ANNA   Extension of
Ada 83 ASIS   Extension of
Ada 83 DRAGOON   Extension of
Ada 83 InnovAda   Extension of
Ada 83 PAnnDA-S   Influence
Ada 83 SETL/E   Influence
Ada 83 SPARK   Subset
Ada 83 SR   Influence

  • Ichbiah, Jean D.; Barnes, John G.P.; Firth, Robert (1984) Ichbiah, Jean D.; Barnes, John G.P.; Firth, Robert J.; Woodger, Mike "Ada 83 Rationale" HONEYWELL, Systems and Research Center, Minneapolis, and ALSYS La Celle Saint Cloud, France January 31, 1984 Extract: Separate compilation
  • Baker, Henry G. (1991) Baker, Henry G. "Object-Oriented Programming in Ada83 - Genericity Rehabilitated" Nimble Computer Corporation, 1991
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