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Language peer sets for STENSOR:
Designed 1976
1970s languages
Fourth generation
High Cold War


alternate simple view
Country: Sweden
Designed 1976

L. Hornfeldt, Stockholm

Symbolic math, especially General Relativity.

Implemented on top of SHEEP and MACSYMA.

Related languages
MACSYMA STENSOR   Written using
SHEEP STENSOR   Written using

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  • Hörnfeldt (1977) Hörnfeldt, L; "Indicial and componentwise tensor calculus with computer" NIGSAM 12 1977
  • Hörnfeldt (1978) Hörnfeldt, L. "An extension of SHEEP for indicial tensor calculus and substitution of sums" Meeting Report of SEAS SMC committee Amsterdam, 17-18-19 January 1978 (AMSTERDAM 78) Abstract
  • Hörnfeldt (1979) Hörnfeldt, Lars "A system for automatic generation of tensor algorithms" pp279-290
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  • Hörnfeldt (1985) Hörnfeldt, Lars "STENSOR"
          in (1985) European Conference on Computer Algebra EUROCAL 85 LNCS 204
  • MacCallum (1993) MacCallum, M.A.H. Sheep Introductory letter 1993 Extract: Introduction
          in (1985) European Conference on Computer Algebra EUROCAL 85 LNCS 204
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