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Designed 1966
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Early PL/1 

alternate simple view
Country: United States
Designed 1966
Published: 1966
Genus: IBM PL/Is
Sammet category: Multi-purpose

For Early PL/I. McIlroy, Morris et al. PL/I subset dialect, the first running PL/I compiler. Used by Bell Labs and MIT to write Multics, EPL had extensions to handle the segment/offset nature of Multics pointers.

Programming Language #1, invented by George Radin of IBM in 1964. Combining scientific features from FORTRAN, business features like records from COBOL, and block structuring from Algol, PL/I's future looked rosy in 1965 when the team chose it for the Multics systems programming language and the idea of coding an operating system in a "higher level language" was radical. Multics's storage models, procedure models, data types, and run-time architecture were all designed around those of the PL/I language, and all system APIs were given in PL/I. Use of any other language for systems programming tasks was actively and officially discouraged. Nonetheless, over the years certain critical subsystems of substantive complexity and bulk (notably page control and the scheduler) were recast into assembler language to optimize performance. The version 2 Multics PL/I implementation (Bob Freiburghouse and Barry Wolman, chief architects), is arguably the preeminent PL/I implementation of record. [BSG]

Related languages
PL/I EPL   Subset
TMG EPL   Written using
EPL MULTICS PL/I   Evolution of
EPL REPL   Subset

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