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Language peer sets for IPL-VC:
United States
United States/1964
Designed 1964
1960s languages
Third generation
Early Cold War
Genus List
Rank 1 unlabelled
Rank 1
Rank 1 unlabelled/1964
Rank 1/1964
List/United States
Rank 1 unlabelled/United States
Rank 1/United States


alternate simple view
Country: United States
Designed 1964
Published: 1964
Genus: List

Argonne implementation of IPL-V as a machine language for a computer. Used for early game playing simulation, theorem proving etc

Related languages
IPL-V IPL-VC   Implementation
IPL-VC Wos QAS   Written using

  • Hodges (1964) Hodges, D., IPL-VC, A Computer System Having the IPL- V Instruction Set, Argonne Nat. Lab., ANL-6888, Applied Mathematics Division, Argonne, 111. (May, 1964).
  • Hodges (1964) Hodges, Donald "IPL-VC, A Proposal for a Computer System Having the IPL-V Instruction Set" Argonne Natl. Lab., Appl. Math. Div., Tech. Mem. 66, 22 pp., January, 1964.
  • Cowell (1965) Cowell, W. R. and Reed, M. C., A Checker-Playing Program for the IPL- VC Computer, Argonne Nad. Lab., ANL-7109, Applied Mathematics Division, Argonne, 111. (Oct., 1965).
  • Cowell and Reed (1965) Cowell, W.R. ; Reed, M.C. "A Checker-Playing Program For The IPL-VC Computer" 1965 Oct 01 TR ANL-7109 Argonne National Lab., Ill.
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