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Language peer sets for KLIPA:
Designed 1960
1960s languages
Second generation
Early Cold War
Genus Autocode Coeval
Autocode Coeval
UK historic algorithmic systems
Autocode Coeval/1960
UK historic algorithmic systems/1960
Autocode Coeval/Poland
UK historic algorithmic systems/Poland


Russian symbolic translator  

alternate simple view
Country: Poland
Designed 1960
Published: 1960
Genus: Autocode Coeval
Sammet category: Multi-purpose

for Digitalizing Translator of Symbolic Addresses (in Polish)

Polish symbolic translator for the URAL machine

Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw 1961

"The logical design of most contemporary computers does not appear to be suitable for optimal translation from an external language into machine codes and thus existing translators operate quickly, but produce programs far from optimal (e.g., MAD, Manchester Autocode), or, according to our understanding of the word optimal, are hopelessly slow, e.g., SAKO"

"The translator for KLIPA was constructed by a team of scientists from the Computation Centre of the Polish Academy of Sciences, which included [Marek Greniewski, Wladyslaw Turski,] Mrs. Jadwiga Empacher, Miss Jadwiga Zdanowska and Mr. Ryszard Solich."

NB - the identically-named articles from 1962 and 63 are similar but quite different. Both should be read.
NBB - when looking for the last page of the ACM Conference paper, it is actually on page 124 in the middle of the last section (Hillegas, starting page 118) - no DOI though

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