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Language peer sets for Micro MUMPS:
Designed 1982
1980s languages
Fourth generation
Late Cold War

Micro MUMPS(ID:2755/mic018)

Database programming language 

alternate simple view
Country: Japan
Designed 1982
Published: 1983

Japanese subset of ANSI MUMPS

"Hitachi Micro MUMPS (Micro MUMPS) is a subset of Standard MUMPS. Among the facilities of Standard MUMPS, those which are superfluous for personal computers and those which are prone to be used erroneously by unskilled users are excluded from Micro MUMPS. On the other hand, some facilities that improve practical operations are added within the construct of the extension facility of Standard MUMPS. The Micro MUMPS processor is constructed so as to be adaptable to different machine configurations."

Related languages
MUMPS Micro MUMPS   Subset

  • Watanabe, T. (1981) Watanabe, T. et al. Micro MUMPS: An interactive database language for microcomputers. Software Practice and Experience 11 (Dec. 1981), 1307-1314 Abstract
  • Suzuki, Tajaki (1983) Suzuki, Tajaki "A simple database language for personal computers" Tan Watanabe, Tsuneharu Ohsawa and
          in [ACM] (1983) [ACM] CACM 26(09) September 1983
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