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Language peer sets for A9:
Designed 1959
1950s languages
Second generation
Early Cold War
Genus Low-level Autocoders
Numerical Scientific
Low-level Autocoders
US historic algorithmic systems
Low-level Autocoders/1959
US historic algorithmic systems/1959
Low-level Autocoders/Australia
US historic algorithmic systems/Australia
Numerical Scientific
Numerical Scientific/1959
Numerical Scientific/au


Interpreter for SILLIAC 

alternate simple view
Country: Australia
Designed 1959
Published: 1959
Genus: Low-level Autocoders
Sammet category: Numerical Scientific

A9 interpretive programming system for the SILLIAC, Australia's ILLIAC
"A floating point interpretive scheme (called A9 because it used SILLIAC subroutines A1 - A8) was constructed in less than a week to demonstrate programming for a group of teachers. (This system attracted a large following and a compiler group was later constructed for the KDF9 to run A9 programs - 300 times faster than on SILLIAC."

  • Bennett, John M (1994) Bennett, John M "Computer Science at the University of Sydney 1953-1986" BasserNet Volume 3, Number 6, December 1994. Basser Department of Computer Science U of Sydney BasserNet back issue Extract: A9
  • Dakin, Robert (1998) Dakin, Robert "a matter of interpretation" Sixteen Bits, July 1998 Extract: A9 compiler
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