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Language peer sets for Brooker Autocode:
United Kingdom
United Kingdom/1953
Designed 1953
1950s languages
First generation
Early Cold War
Genus Early Autocodes
Early Autocodes
UK historic algorithmic systems
Early Autocodes/1953
UK historic algorithmic systems/1953
Early Autocodes/United Kingdom
Autocodes/United Kingdom
UK historic algorithmic systems/United Kingdom

Brooker Autocode(ID:2803/bro002)

Machester Mark I autocode 

alternate simple view
Country: United Kingdom
Designed 1953
Published: 1955
Genus: Early Autocodes
Sammet category: Multi-purpose

Code by Tony Brooker for the Machester Mark 1, with the assistance of Cicely Popplewell, after the departure of Alan Turing.

Popplewell went with a Ferranti Mercury to the Instituto de Calculo in Argentina in 1963, where she may have started a loclaised version (under review)

Elegant columnar format.

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