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Designed 1992
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Country: Austria
Designed 1992
Sammet category: Experimental and other

Ruenger and  Sieber 1992

Pascal-like PRAM-language (PRAM = Parallel Random Access Machine)

from the home page:
"Fork is a programming language for the PRAM model; it has been implemented for the SB-PRAM. Fork is based on ANSI C with extensions for the management of shared and private address subspaces and variables, and for static and dynamic nesting parallelism by processor group splitting constructs. The groups establish the scope of sharing and of synchronous execution. Fork offers full expressibility for many known parallel algorithmic paradigms like data parallelism, semaphore-coordinated asynchronous processes, pipelining and systolic algorithms, parallel task queue, multiprefix, parallel divide-and-conquer, and even message passing.
The language design of Fork has been developed since 1994 by Christoph W. Kessler and Helmut Seidl, starting with an initial version called Fork95 that was partially based on an earlier proposal (FORK) by Hagerup, Schmitt, and Seidl from 1989. Fork95 was extended several times from 1995 to 1999. In 1999, the language design has reached a final state, and from then on, it is just called Fork. :

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  • Ruenger, G. and K. Sieber (1994) Ruenger, G. and K. Sieber "A process oriented semantics of the PRAM-language FORK"
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  • Kessler, C. W. and H. Seidl. (1995) Kessler, C. W. and H. Seidl. "Making FORK Practical" Technical report no. 01/95, SFB 124, Univ. Saarbrücken, 1995.
          in (1994) Computer Languages 20(4)
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