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Language peer sets for OLI:
Designed 1997
1990s languages
New internationlism


alternate simple view
Designed 1997

for Object and Logic Integration

Multiparadigm programming language

  • Khaled Fouad Sayed Shaalan (1995) Khaled Fouad Sayed Shaalan "Software Development Environment Based on Object-Oriented and Logic Programming Paradigms" (1995) Abstract
  • Lee, J.H.M. (1995) Lee, J.H.M. and P.K.C. Pun. Object Logic Integration: a scheme for multiparadigm design and programming. In Proceedings of the Eighteenth International and Exhibition Technology of Object-Oriented Languages and Systems, pages 265--278, Melbourne, Australia, November 1995. Online copy
  • Lee, J.H.M. and Pun, P.K.C. (1996) Lee, J.H.M. and Pun, P.K.C. "An overview of the OLI multiparadigm programming language and its semantics" in Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Object-Oriented Information Systems, pp79-92, 1996 Online copy Abstract
  • Lee, J. H. M. and P. K. C. Pun (1997). (1997) Lee, J. H. M. and P. K. C. Pun (1997). "Object logic integration: A multiparadigm design methodology and a programming language" Abstract
          in (1998) Computer Languages 23(1)
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