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Language peer sets for Dee:
Designed 1991
1990s languages
Fifth generation
Post-Cold War


alternate simple view
Country: Canada
Designed 1991
Published: 1991

for John Dee, Elizabthan mathematician and magician

Peter Grogano Concordia (Canada) 1991 Dee is a statically typed, dynamically bound object oriented programming language Amongst other object oriented languges, it is most similar to Eiffel and Sather. It is, however, simpler than these languages.

"In fact, the primary objective in the design of Dee was that programs written in it should be easy to maintain. A second objective was to keep the language simple"

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  • Grogono, Peter (1991) Grogono, Peter "Issues in the Design of an Object Oriented Programming Language" Structured Programming, January 1991 Abstract Extract: Introduction Extract: Objectives and Criteria
  • Grogono, Peter (1994) Grogono, Peter "PC-Dee: A Reference Manual" Concordia February 1994
  • Grogono, Peter (1994) Grogono, Peter "PC-Dee: Syntax and Semantics" Concordia February 1994
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