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Language peer sets for ANALITIK:
Russian Federation
Russian Federation/1971
Designed 1971
1970s languages
Third generation
High Cold War
Genus Other Russian/Soviet
Numerical Scientific
Other Russian/Soviet
Soviet historic systems
Historic algorithmic languages
Other Russian/Soviet/1971
Soviet historic systems/1971
Historic algorithmic languages/1971
Other Russian/Soviet/Russian Federation
Soviet historic systems/Russian Federation
Historic algorithmic languages/Russian Federation
Numerical Scientific
Numerical Scientific/1971
Numerical Scientific/ru


Algorithmic language  

alternate simple view
Country: Russian Federation
Designed 1971
Genus: Other Russian/Soviet
Sammet category: Numerical Scientific


Autochthonous algorithmic language influenced by Ershov's Alpha, Algol 60 and Fortran

ported to the Russian Mir personal computer

Related languages
ALGOL 60 ANALITIK   Influence
ANALITIK Analitik-74   Evolution of

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