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Language peer sets for CAMPER:
Designed 1970
1970s languages
Third generation
High Cold War
Genus 3d shape
3d shape
3d Construct-related
3d shape/1970
3d Construct-related/1970


alternate simple view
Designed 1970
Genus: 3d shape

for Computer Aided Movie Perspectives

3d version of CAMP

Implemented on the ICL computer at ACL in the UK

Related languages
CAMP CAMPER   Extension of


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  • D D Weiner and S E Anderson (1968) D D Weiner and S E Anderson"A Computer Animation Movie Language for Educational Motion pictures" pp1317-1320
          in [AFIPS] (1967) [AFIPS] Proceedings of the 1967 Fall Joint Computer Conference FJCC 31
  • Anderson (1970) Anderson, S E "Generating Computer animated Movies from a Graphic Console"
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  • Repko (1972) Repko, Marya Goldman "Animated cartoon design with a CRT" Abstract Extract: Background
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  • A H Francis, F R A Hopgood, D Ralphs (1973) A H Francis, F R A Hopgood, D Ralphs "CAMPER on the ICL 1906A and DEC PDP15" Atlas Copmuter Lab February 1973 Abstract Online copy at ACL Extract: INTRODUCTION Extract: BASIC PHILOSOPHY
          in The Computer Journal (1972) The Computer Journal 15(4) 1972
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