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Language peer sets for MIX:
United States
United States/1968
Designed 1968
1960s languages
Third generation
High Cold War
Genus Symbolic assemblers
Experimental and other
Symbolic assemblers
Fixed operation
Symbolic assemblers/1968
Fixed operation/1968
Symbolic assemblers/United States
Assemblers/United States
Fixed operation/United States
Experimental and other
Experimental and other/1968
Experimental and other/us


MIX Assembly Language 

alternate simple view
Country: United States
Designed 1968
Published: 1968
Genus: Symbolic assemblers
Sammet category: Experimental and other

Paper macro assembler language for Knuth's Art of Computer Programming, for hypothesized MIX machine.

Related languages
MIX MIX/360   Implementation
MIX MIXAL   Implementation

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  • Knuth, Donald E. and Richard L. Sites (1971) Knuth, Donald E. and Richard L. Sites "MIX/360 user's guide" Report Number: CS-TR-71-197 Stanford University, Department of Computer Science March 1971 Abstract pdf
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  • (2002) GNU MIX Development Kit (mdk) Jose Antonio Ortega Ruiz Abstract
          in (1972) Computers & Automation 21(6B), 30 Aug 1972
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