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Language peer sets for MYSTIC:
United States
United States/1958
Designed 1958
1950s languages
Second generation
Early Cold War
Genus Low-level Autocoders
Numerical Scientific
Low-level Autocoders
US historic algorithmic systems
Low-level Autocoders/1958
US historic algorithmic systems/1958
Low-level Autocoders/United States
Autocoders/United States
US historic algorithmic systems/United States
Numerical Scientific
Numerical Scientific/1958
Numerical Scientific/us


Multiplatform encoder 

alternate simple view
Country: United States
Designed 1958
Published: 1958
Genus: Low-level Autocoders
Sammet category: Numerical Scientific

Automatic encoder from Johns Hopkins for multiplatform use

  • Gorman, T. P. and Kelly, R. G. (1958) Gorman, T. P. and Kelly, R. G. "MYSTIC: An automatic coder for the IBM 650, IBM 704, and ERA 1103-AF" Applied Physics Lab., Johns Hopkins U., Report No. AFMTC TN-38-2, 1958
  • [Bemer] (1959) [Bemer, RW] [State of ACM automatic coding library May 1959] Extract: Obiter Dicta
          in [ACM] (1959) [ACM] CACM 2(05) May 1959
  • Sammet, Jean E (1961) Sammet, Jean E "1960 Tower of Babel" diagram on the front of CACM January 1961 Picture: Cover of ACM Communications December 1961
          in [ACM] (1961) [ACM] CACM 4(01) (Jan 1961)
  • Gorman, D.F., and J.P. Anderson, (1962) Gorman, D.F., and J.P. Anderson, "A Logic Design Translator," pp 251-261.
          in [AFIPS JCC 22] (1962) [AFIPS JCC 22] Proceedings of the 1962 Fall Joint Computer Conference FJCC 1962
  • Mandell, R. and Estrin, G. (1966) Mandell, R. and Estrin, G. "A meta-compiler as a design automation tool" pp13.1-13.40
          in [ACM/IEEE] (1965) [ACM/IEEE] Proceedings of the SHARE Design Automation Project Annual ACM IEEE Design Automation Conference 1965
  • Sammet, Jean E., (1972) Sammet, Jean E., "Programming languages: history and future"
          in [ACM] (1972) [ACM] CACM 15(06) (June 1972)
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