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Language peer sets for NICOL:
United Kingdom
United Kingdom/1967
Designed 1967
1960s languages
Third generation
High Cold War
Genus COBOL coeval
Business Data Processing
COBOL coeval
Data processing
COBOL coeval/1967
Data processing/1967
COBOL coeval/United Kingdom
COBOLs/United Kingdom
Data processing/United Kingdom
Business Data Processing
Business Data Processing/1967
Business Data Processing/uk


NIneteen hundred COmmercial Language 

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Country: United Kingdom
Designed 1967
Genus: COBOL coeval
Sammet category: Business Data Processing

NIneteen hundred COmmercial Language

ICL, 1967

Business oriented language for the ICL 1900

from the 1900 languages page

NICOL - NIneteen-hundred COmmercial Languange was a small subset of PL/I and designed to assist existing punched card accounting (Tabulator) users to convert rapidly to computer operation on small 1900 configurations.

It was also possible to run NICOL programs on larger machines, I had to transfer an old system from a 1901A to a 1904S under George 3, when the 1901A was taken out of service. It ran perfectly, much to the surprise of the operators, and just had to be re-compiled each year with updated date validation. The system was transferred 'as was' rather than being rewritten, as a completely new system was 'in the pipeline'.

  • 1900 ICL (International Computers Limited)

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