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Language peer sets for THREADED LISTS:
United States
United States/1959
Designed 1959
1950s languages
Second generation
Early Cold War
Genus List
String and List Processing
Rank 1 unlabelled
Rank 1
Rank 1 unlabelled/1959
Rank 1/1959
List/United States
Rank 1 unlabelled/United States
Rank 1/United States
String and List Processing
String and List Processing/1959
String and List Processing/us

THREADED LISTS(ID:3254/thr001)

List-processing language 

alternate simple view
Country: United States
Designed 1959
Published: 1960
Genus: List
Sammet category: String and List Processing

Perlis et al

List-processing language by Perlis et al at Carnegie

Related languages

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