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Language peer sets for CEIR Commercial Coder:
United Kingdom
United Kingdom/1963
Designed 1963
1960s languages
Third generation
Early Cold War
Genus Early Autocodes
Business Data Processing
Early Autocodes
UK historic algorithmic systems
Early Autocodes/1963
UK historic algorithmic systems/1963
Early Autocodes/United Kingdom
Autocodes/United Kingdom
UK historic algorithmic systems/United Kingdom
Business Data Processing
Business Data Processing/1963
Business Data Processing/uk

CEIR Commercial Coder(ID:3261/)

Commercial autocode from CEIR 

alternate simple view
Country: United Kingdom
Designed 1963
Genus: Early Autocodes
Sammet category: Business Data Processing

From the people who brought you OPAL, inspired by FACT, so hard to say what it ended up looking like

Manual in the British Computer Society Library in 1962

  • [BCS Bulletin] (1961) BCS Bulletin - Literature and References to Simplified Programming Schemes for Computers, Available or Projected - November 1961
  • CEIR (1964) CEIR "CEIR Coder: a Business Language Scheme" 1964
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