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Language peer sets for DART:
United States
United States/1959
Designed 1959
1950s languages
Second generation
Early Cold War
Genus Strict Early Fortrans
Numerical Scientific
Strict Early Fortrans
Generation of Fortran I-III
Fortran family
Strict Early Fortrans/1959
Generation of Fortran I-III/1959
Fortran family/1959
Strict Early Fortrans/United States
Generation of Fortran I-III/United States
Fortran family/United States
Numerical Scientific
Numerical Scientific/1959
Numerical Scientific/us


Simplified FORTRAN + brackets 

alternate simple view
Country: United States
Designed 1959
Published: 1959
Genus: Strict Early Fortrans
Sammet category: Numerical Scientific

Hargraves 1959 Dartmouth - Language which was essentially FORTRAN with simplified scanning by use of brackets. Written by the an undergraduate, it influenced the decision to use students in language design (Kurz 1978)

Related languages
FORTRAN II DART   Simplification of
DART BASIC   Influence

  • Kurz, T.E. (1978) Kurz, T.E. "BASIC"
          in [HOPL I] (1979) SIGPLAN Notices 14(04) April 1979 including The first ACM SIGPLAN conference on History of programming languages (HOPL) Los Angeles, CA, June 1-3, 1978
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