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United States
United States/1970
Designed 1970
1970s languages
Third generation
High Cold War
Genus Symbolic assemblers
Symbolic assemblers
Fixed operation
Symbolic assemblers/1970
Fixed operation/1970
Symbolic assemblers/United States
Assemblers/United States
Fixed operation/United States


alternate simple view
Country: United States
Designed 1970
Published: 1974
Genus: Symbolic assemblers

Gorin, Stanford, 1972

Fast, one-pass assembler for PDP-10 and PDP-6 machine language.
Name presumably a pun on the better known SAIL

from DECUS tape:

"FAIL is a fast, one-pass assembler for the PDP-10 machine language. Although FAIL uses substantially more main memory than MACRO-10, it assembles typical programs in less than one-fifth the cpu time used by MACRO-10. FAIL permits an ALGOL-style block structure which provides a means of localizing the use of some symbols to certain parts of the program, such that the same symbol name can be used without conflict to mean things in different blocks."

World's first spell-checker was recoded in FAIL by Gorin

Related languages
SAIL FAIL   Written using

  • Wright, F. H. G., II and Gorin, Ralph E. (1974) Wright, F. H. G., II and Gorin, Ralph E. "FAIL" Report Number: CS-TR-74-407 Department of Computer Science Stanford University, April 1974 pdf Abstract
  • SAIL/FAIL, Version: 18, August 1976 Dan Swinehart, (1976) SAIL/FAIL, Version: 18, August 1976 Dan Swinehart, Robert Sproul, et al. Abstract Online at Trailing ege
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