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Designed 1997
1990s languages
New internationlism


alternate simple view
Country: Switzerland
Designed 1997
Published: 1997

for PI Calculus based COmposition LAnguage

Franz Achermann and Oscar Nierstrasz - Software Composition Group University of Berne 1997

"Language for composing applications from software components. Piccola is defined by a thin layer of syntactic sugar on top of a semantic core based on Milner's pi calculus. Piccola is designed to make it easy to define high-level connectors for composing and coordinating software components written in other languages."

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Piccola Piccola1   Evolution of

  • Markus Lumpe, “A Pi-Calculus Based Approach to Sof (1999) Markus Lumpe, “A Pi-Calculus Based Approach to Software Composition,” Ph.D. thesis, University of Bern, Institute of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics, January 1999 pdf
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