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Language peer sets for TPL-40:
Designed 1978
1970s languages
Fourth generation
High Cold War


alternate simple view
Country: Japan
Designed 1978

Subset of PL/I was developed for the mini-computer.

1. TPL-40 is aimed at programming for scientific and process control applications.
2. The dynamic features, except a few for PL/I, are doropped. Because of this, object programs are expected to be very efficient.
3. Some features are added for structured programming, data integrity, debugging, etc.
4. TPL-40 is a multi-level language from which a suitable level can be selected for aparticular application.

Related languages
PL/I TPL-40   Subset

  • OFUDE YUTAKA, ISHIDA KAZUO, TANAKA TATSUJI (1994) OFUDE YUTAKA, ISHIDA KAZUO, TANAKA TATSUJI "A PL/I Subset for the Mini-computer : TPL-40" IPSJ MAGAZINE Abstract Vol.19 No.05 - 004 Abstract online
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