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Language peer sets for Powerhouse:
Designed 1988
1980s languages
Fifth generation
Late Cold War


alternate simple view
Designed 1988
Published: 1988

Cognos PowerHouse 4GL is a specification-based development language that supports interactive screens and menus, flexible production reporting, volume batch processing capabilities, and simultaneous access to multiple relational and nonrelational data sources. This advanced server-based application development environment improves developer productivity by up to 90 percent when compared with traditional programming languages such as COBOL, BASIC, C, C++, and Java. Cognos PowerHouse 4GL achieves this productivity through its strong data dictionary, built-in business data processing models, default data handling routines, and relational transaction models.

  • Aliäno, R. (1992) Aliäno, R. (1992). Unlocking Powerhouse. Garden Grove, Calif., Software Visions.
  • (2002) Library of Congress Subject Headings P88
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