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Language peer sets for C#:
United States
United States/1999
Designed 1999
1990s languages
New internationlism
Genus OO C family
OO C family
CPL Algols
Generation of Algol 60
OO C family/1999
CPL Algols/1999
Generation of Algol 60/1999
OO C family/United States
CPL Algols/United States
Generation of Algol 60/United States


Simple portable systems language 

alternate simple view
Country: United States
Designed 1999
Published: 1999
Genus: OO C family
Sammet category: Multi-purpose

Anders Hejlsberg, Microsoft 1999
Systems language derived from and influenced by most of the C++ generation children of C (C++, Java, Objective C)

Compiles to CLR

Related languages
C++ C#   Influence
IL C#   Intermediate language for
J++ C#   Influence
C# Sharpie   Extension of

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