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Designed 1998
1990s languages
New internationlism
String and List Processing
String and List Processing/1998
String and List Processing/at


Macro compiler 

alternate simple view
Country: Austria
Designed 1998
Published: 1998
Sammet category: String and List Processing

Chakotay Preprocessor

Heinz Deinhart  and Mark Probst Tuwien Austria

Preprocessor originally designed for HTML. It has evolved into a powerful macro compiler which combines features of CPP, M4, Perl and Scheme

feature include:
- CHPP is non-intrusive, i.e. you can take already existing text and
   just pipe it through CHPP and it is likely it won't change.
- User-defined macros, which can be recursive
- Complex data structures (lists and hashes)
- Powerful looping constructs
- Regular expression matching
- Support for CGI scripting
- An interface to SQL-Servers (at the moment mSQL and MySQL).

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