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Designed 1991
1990s languages
Fifth generation
Post-Cold War


alternate simple view
Country: France
Designed 1991
Published: 1991

Christian Queinnec, Ecole Polytechnique at Palaiseau Cedex 1991

An object-oriented system built on Scheme, "Invented for a book to describe implementations of Lisp and Scheme. Designed to have a pedagogical but efficient implementation, to support separate compilation, yet to be powerful enough to unify all the data types of Scheme - even vectors and strings - without restriction of inheritance."

All objects of Scheme can be seen as Meroon objects without restrictions on inheritance. Very fast. CLOS-like generic functions. Self-description features: classes are Meroon objects and can be inspected.

Named after the developer's son's Teddy Bear.

Related languages
Scheme Meroon   Based on
Meroon Meroon V3   Evolution of

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  • Queinnec, C. (1993) Queinnec, C. "Designing MEROON v3" Cite Seer
          in Rathke, C.; Kopp, J.; Hohl, H. (1993) Rathke, C.; Kopp, J.; Hohl, H. and H. Bretthauer, editors, Object-Oriented Programming in Lisp: Languages and Applications. A report on the ECOOP'93 Workshop, September 1993
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