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Language peer sets for ILU:
United States
United States/1994
Designed 1994
1990s languages
Fifth generation
Post-Cold War


alternate simple view
Country: United States
Designed 1994

for Inter-Language Unification

Xerox PARC 1994

Antony Courtney, Doug Cutting, Bill Janssen, Denis Severson, Mike Spreitzer, Mark Stefik, Farrell Wymore

ILU (pronounced eye'-loo) is a system that promotes software interoperability via interfaces.  Interfaces between what?  Whatever units of program structure are desired; we call them by the generic term "modules".  They could be parts of one process, all written in the same language; they could be parts written in different languages, sharing runtime support in one memory image; they could be parts running in different memory images on different machines (on different
sides of the planet).  A module could even be a distributed system implemented by many programs on many machines.  Calls across ILU interfaces involve only as much mechanism as necessary for the calling and called modules to interact.  In particular, when the two modules are in the same memory image and use the same data representations, the calls are direct local procedure calls -- no stubs or other RPC mechanisms are involved.

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