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Language peer sets for GNOSIS:
Designed 1972
1970s languages
Third generation
High Cold War
Genus CAI languages
CAI languages
Erotetic systems
CAI languages/1972
Erotetic systems/1972
CAI languages/Sweden
Erotetic systems/Sweden


alternate simple view
Country: Sweden
Designed 1972
Published: 1973
Genus: CAI languages
Sammet category: On-Line

CAI Author Language and Preprocessor for DEC PDP-10

GNOSIS provides a CAI authoring language which makes it relatively  easy  for any teacher with a basic understanding  of "programmed" textbooks to develop computerized  tutorials  for his students.  Although material already written in such  a format can be transformed virtually as-is by GNOSIS into a  form  suitablefor  computer  delivery,  the  teacher would     normally be writing his own "script." This  script,  because  it simulates the dialogue one might overhear if that teacher  were tutoring a student in private, can be made to "come  to  life" on a computer terminal by the addition of a few simple  GNOSIS command words.  The computer driven tutorial  is,  in  reality,  a  compiled  version of the ALGOL program GNOSIS  writes in response to the script prepared  by  the  teacher.  In fact, GNOSIS has been designed in such a way that the ANY  of the facilities of ALGOL can be exploited anywhere in  the  lesson.

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  • Palme, Jacob, (1973) Palme, Jacob, "GNOSIS: a system for computer aided instruction" Stockholm, Sweden: Swedish National Defense Research Institute, 1973
  • Maner, Walter (1978) Maner, Walter "GNOSIS - A CAI Author Language and Preprocessor" Department of Philosophy Old Dominion University 1978 Online at Trailing Edge
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