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United States
United States/1996
Designed 1996
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Country: United States
Designed 1996

for A System for Tracing Object Oriented Requirements

TOOR is designed for tracing requirements in system development. It considers as objects, in the computing science sense of the word, any artifacts used during the development of a software system, e.g., an interview transcript, a video tape, a design chart, a program specification text, a system manual, etc. It also considers the possible relations between any two objects as an object itself.
The idea is to specify the objects that can take part in a software development process, use TOOR to input these objects as they are created, and then trace requirements, making use of the relations among the current collection of objects. In this approach requirements are also objects.

Related languages
FOOPS TOOR   Based on

  • (1996) An Object-Oriented Tool for Tracing Requirements, by Francisco Pinheiro and Joseph Goguen
          in (1996) IEEE Software (special issue of papers from International Conference on Requirements Engineering '96) March 1996
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