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Designed 2002
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Country: International
Designed 2002

Mixed functional/imperative programming language based on the design of the functional language Caml and the .NET language C#.

(F for functional # from C#)

"Combining the safety and productivity of ML and Caml with the libraries, tools and cross-language working of .NET"

F# is an implementation of the core of the Caml programming language for the .NET Framework, along with cross-language extensions.  The aim is to have it work together seamlessly with C#, Visual Basic, SML.NET and other .NET programming languages.  In particular it is the first ML language where all the types and values in an ML program can be accessed from some significant languages (e.g. C#) in a predictable and friendly way

Mixed functional/imperative programming is a fantastic paradigm for many programming tasks.  Languages such as OCaml and Standard ML provide excellent general purpose programming languages suited to medium-advanced programmers who want simple yet highly expressive tools that boost their productivity, primarily by reducing the error rate, increasing their productivity through type inference, and basically letting them focus on the difficult parts of their applications.

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